Frequently Asked Questions

Is my new vehicle a "lemon"? 

It is best to speak with an attorney to confirm the specific facts and timeline in your case in determining if your vehicle meets the criteria in the North Carolina Lemon Law. Call today to speak with an experienced Lemon Law attorney about your case.


Is my new RV covered by N.C. Lemon Law?


Vehicles over 10,000 pounds are not covered by the N.C. lemon law, but, other warranty-based claims may still exist for you against the RV manufacturer or dealer. Please call today to discuss your unique situation.

Is there a Federal Lemon Law? 

Yes, the Magnus-Moss Warranty Act. This act is designed to protect consumers in all fifty states and requires manufacturers of vehicles and other consumer products to honor their warranties. The law also has provisions for the manufacturer to pay any attorney’s fees that result from a successful lawsuit. Consumers who have purchased a defective new vehicle can potentially pursue legal relief under either the Magnus-Moss Warranty Act or under their state's lemon law, or both.


What if I have a non-lemon law, auto-warranty, or repair-related legal issue? 

You should still give Wisnoski Law a call. With successful experiences in a variety of legal issues, if Wisnoski Law can't help you, we will help direct you to a reputable attorney who can.